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Welcome to Truck Equipment Network. The initiative to build this website started in 2009 and launched in January of 2010. The idea behind it then and still today was to compile a comprehensive directory of manufacturers building trucks, truck bodies and truck equipment.

Customers who purchase and operate work truck equipment and bodies rely on search engines to deliver relevant results. Unfortunately, not all manufacturer's websites have been optimized for search engines. As a result, customers find limited and often times completely unrelated results. It was this very frustration and incredible waste of time that led to the creation of Truck Equipment Network. Our site continues to grow in popularity and is quickly becoming the gateway to the work truck industry.

Finding the right manufacturer is important, but Truck Equipment Network wanted to take it a little further. This led to the addition of other relevant and key truck equipment industry resources: associations, trade shows, publications, government agencies, online classifieds, financial institutions and more.

Please note that Truck Equipment Network does not favor one manufacturer over another (big or small). All links provided are presented in alphabetical order. As we continue to grow this site, we welcome and review all suggested sites for relevance. It's your suggestions and ideas that make this site work, so keep them coming.



  • The Branford Group: Moncks Corner, SC -- (Press Release) A Global Industrial Auction Firm, The Branford Group, will conduct a Global Webcast Auction of the Assets of Formerly American LaFrance on August 27th at 9:00 AM. Bidders may participate either by...

MUST HAVE iOS Apps for Truck Drivers & Travelers
These apps/links are specific to the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and/or iPad Mini. For those of you traveling (over-the-road) on a regular basis, we recommend you consider these apps for your iOS device.

  • Trucker Path: this mobile app is a logistical assistant geared toward professional truck drivers. Find weigh stations, truck stops and much more...

  • AllStays Truck Stops & Travel Plazas: this mobile app covers truck stops, travel plazas, weigh stations, CAT scales, low clearance, road grades, truck washes and much more...

  • Drivers Daily Log: this mobile app is a replacement for the paper logbook used by commercial truck drivers. With it, you can create, sign and maintain electronic copies of your logbook as required by federal law. Note: weigh stations may still require an email and/or printed copy.

  • Poynt: this mobile app is an award-winning local search app that lets you find and connect with businesses, restaurants, fuel stops/prices and more...

  • AllStays Hotels by Chains: this mobile app will guide you to your favorite hotel chains. It provides contact info, website links, amenities and much more...

  • this mobile app is the secure and easy way to find and book the perfect hotel. Includes "Tonight's Local Deal" feature.

PERMANENT - Advanced Fuel Economy
For decades, we've had the technology available to achieve hundreds of miles to the gallon for both gasoline and diesel engines. Unfortunately, we've allowed large oil companies to suppress these simple and affordable solutions. It would be nice to see the GTA (Green Truck Association), Truck Manufacturers and Automobile Manufacturers push for economical solutions that take advantage of today's readily available fuel supplies. For more information, use the links below: