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Welcome to Truck Equipment Network, the gateway to the work truck industry. Customers who purchase and operate work truck equipment and bodies rely on search engines to deliver relevant results. Unfortunately, not all manufacturer's websites have been optimized for search engines. Truck Equipment Network is built to assist customers in their search for relevant trucks, equipment, and industry resources.

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Trucking / Traveling Mobile Apps

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TEN - The Ultimate Sales Tool

Now available! Arm your sales force with current marketing materials, technical tools and other vital resources using “PUSH” technology. An iPad®, an app and a comprehensive “How to Guide” is all you need to get started. No cellular connection required!

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TEN - Nationwide Truck Upfitter Map (GOOGLE MAP)

Now available! Are independent upfitters a key part of your growing business? Look no further, TEN can save you time and money. We have developed and continue to update our “Truck Upfitter Locations Map” that currently stretches the U.S. & Canada.

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iPad® Setup/Upfitter Map package plans available.

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EPA News

Emission standards for the work truck industry

Fuel Cost Update

Average gas and diesel fuel prices by region

PERMANENT - Advanced Fuel Economy

For decades, we've had the technology available to achieve hundreds of miles to the gallon for both gasoline and diesel engines. Unfortunately, large oil companies have suppressed these simple and affordable solutions. We need the GTA (Green Truck Association), Truck and Automobile Manufacturers to push harder for more economical solutions that take advantage of today's readily available fuel supplies. For more information, use these links:

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